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At Greater Good Media, we know that what goes around, comes around. From small towns to our great, global village, we are all privileged to be connected. With privilege comes responsibility, and we gladly take on the responsibility to share the stories of good people, good places and good things happening in order to inspire positive community. What goes around, comes around. Let’s make it GOOD!

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Every human wants to feel important and to know they matter, but that’s only possible within a larger context. Our publications provide that larger context. We share the stories of good in a community to validate and celebrate how and why people matter. It is our hope that these stories will spark a fire within others to see how they, themselves, may make a difference, as well. And so on…


“Media distort reality and breed pessimism. We need optimism for more health, happiness and success. We need freedom from the press to get there.”
(The Intelligent Optimist’s Guide to Life by Jurriaan Kamp, cofounder of The Intelligent Optimist magazine
If you watch the news, read the newspaper or engage in any form of mainstream media, you would think that the sky is falling. We are here to tell you, to literally tell your stories, that goodness abounds and that more good than bad happens all around us. This is not just “think positive-“ speak; this is real life because real life is predominantly positive and can be made even more so if we surround ourselves with it.


We deliberately choose markets with a self-defined community because, while we are all part of a larger world, our local community is where we tend to our daily lives. Whether it’s a neighborhood, a whole town or a school district, we want our readers to know that the complimentary publication they receive in the mail or delivered on their doorstep contains stories about their neighbors or their kids and always about topics that pertain to their community, however they define it. Community is manageable in its meaningfulness.




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Bringing only news about the “good people, good places and good things happening” in and around the communities we serve.